Lake Youngs Elementary PTSA
Standing Rules

  1. The name of the unit is LAKE YOUNGS ELEMENTARY PTSA. The Washington State PTA chartered this unit in March of 1965. Washington State PTA Local Unit ID #7.25. National PTA Local Unit ID #023101.
  2. Lake Youngs PTSA represents all children and families in Lake Youngs Elementary School enrollment area.
  3. This unit is a non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Washington on April 21, 1980. It is the responsibility of the LYPTSA Treasurer to annually renew Articles of Incorporation prior to the anniversary date. The Incorporation ID# is D
  4. The duties and responsibilities of the LYPTSA Treasurer are but not limited to:
    1. Filing IRS nonprofit 501(c) as required by the IRS.
    2. This unit EMPLOYMENT ID # is on file with the Treasurer.
    3. LYPTSA is registered with the Secretary of State under the Charitable Solicitations Act. The registration # is KEA-R88-315 The Treasurer is responsible for filing the annual registration by required deadline set by the Secretary of State.
    4. The LYPTSA Treasurer shall be required to present a digital and hard copy of the monthly financial report, including July and August.
    5. This unit shall conduct two (2) financial reviews annually, a mid-year in January and a year end in July. President and Treasurer shall conduct an unofficial financial review quarterly to ensure all records are up to date and ready for the upcoming official financial reviews.
    6. A minimum balance of $1,000.00 will be maintained in the LYPTSA Bank of America checking account. A minimum balance of $10,000.00 will be maintained in the savings account as available. Any exceptions must be approved by the general membership and the balance returned to the minimum as soon as possible.
    7. Any person writing a NSF check(s) will be required to pay all bank fees associated with the returned check(s) plus the amount of the returned check(s). If a person has more than one (1) NSF check, LYPTSA has the right to require that person to pay with cash or money order only for the future purchases.
    8. In the event a check is lost or stolen and a replacement is requested by LYPTSA, any bank charges associated with stopping payment shall be deducted from the amount owed or refunded.
  5. This unit shall keep at least two (2) copies of all of its legal documents in two (2) separate locations. The Secretary shall retain the original documents and the Treasurer shall retain the duplicates.
  6. The annual membership service fees for the unit shall be the cost of the national, state and council fees plus an additional fee of $25 per original single member and $1.75 per each additional member, to be clearly identified on membership enrollment form and retained at the local unit.
  7. The students at Lake Youngs Elementary shall be considered honorary members of the unit without voice, vote or privilege of holding office.
  8. The elected officers of this unit shall constitute the “Executive Committee”. These officers are President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and may include Cashier and additional Vice-President(s) to serve specific duties. President and Vice-President positions may have co-officers. Each co-position holder shall be entitled to a voice and vote at Board of Directors and General Membership meetings. Nominations for these positions will be identified by the Nomination Committee which shall be appointed by the current Executive Committee. Any current paid LYPTSA member may self nominate for any of the above positions. Election of officers shall take place at final general membership meeting of the current school year.
  9. The Executive Committee shall recruit and appoint all standing and special committee chairpersons annually. All committee chairpersons must be current paid LYPTSA members. Standing Committees are programs the occur at least twice during the current school year.
    • Standing Committees may include but are not limited to:
      • Art Docent
      • Box Tops
      • Grizzly Reader Club
      • Health and Welfare
      • Hospitality
      • Legislation
      • Membership
      • Online Media (includes but not limited to Facebook and LYPTSA website.)
      • Staff Appreciation
      • Sunshine and Rain
      • Book Fair
      • Fundraisers
      • Family Fun Night
      • Financial Review
      • Yearbook
  10. Special Committees are programs are that occur less than twice during the current school year. Special Committees may include but are not limited to:
    • Auction(s)
    • Awards (Golden Acorn etc.)
    • Carnival
    • Clothing Bank
    • Ice Cream Social
    • Nominations
    • Reflections
    • Science Fair
    • Sixth (6th) Grade Party
    • Spirit Sales
    • Talent Show
    • Drama Club
    • Family Reading Night
  11. The Board of Directors shall consist of the elected officers and Standing Committee Chairs. Board Meeting for this unit shall be monthly unless otherwise ordered by the Executive Committee. The date and time of Board Meeting to be decided by Executive Committee. Each member of the Board of Directors is entitled to only one vote and Board Meetings and General Membership Meetings regardless of the number of positions held.
  12. There shall be at least four (4) General Membership Meetings during the current school year. These meetings shall be held to elect nominating committee, elect officers and adopt standing rules and budget. The President(s) shall determine the dates.
  13. Special Committee Chairperson(s) shall attend the Board Meeting the month prior, the month of and the month after their respective event. If the chairperson is unable to attend, a written report must be submitted to the President(s) prior to the Board Meeting.
  14. For General Membership Meetings a quorum of ten (10) members of the current membership must be present to bring any votes to the floor. For Board of Directors meetings, a quorum of half of the Board of Directors (includes executive and current standing committee chairpersons) plus one (1) must be present to bring any votes to the floor.
  15. Courtesy seats are open to anyone at the Board of Directors or General Membership meetings but voice and vote are a privilege of membership (WA State PTA bylaws article 5, section 10.) Membership is defined as being a current paid member. Membership on the Board of Directors is defined in standing rule ten (10).
  16. All financial matters, binding agreements and contracts, including KSD facility use forms, shall require two (2) signatures. Contracts may be only signed for the current fiscal school year. Officers may not obligate LYPTSA beyond the current fiscal school year with approval of the general membership.
    1. Before contracts are signed they need to be approved by Executive Committee and signed by two (2) executive officers.
    2. KSD facility use forms need to be completed by chairperson of appropriate committee and countersigned by an executive officer.
  17. The Board of Directors must approve all budget reallocations and expenditures up to but not exceeding $00. General Membership must approve all reallocations and expenditures exceeding $1,000.00. The President(s) may approve Student Enrichment Grants in the amount of $150.00 or less.
  18. All committee budget expenditures must be estimated in the approved Plan of Action form, which all standing committee chairpersons are required to complete, and approved by the Board of Directors (executive committee and standing committee chairpersons) prior to any expenditure or promotion of event. Any non-approved or overbudget expenditures will not be reimbursed and considered a donation.
    1. All reimbursement requests must include receipts attached to approved reimbursement form and presented to the Treasurer within 30 days of expense date and prior to June 30th of the current fiscal school year. Exceptions can only be made with approval of Executive Committee.
    2. All vendor invoices must be presented, with the approved reimbursement form, and reviewed and signed by committee chairperson prior to being presented to Treasurer. If no committee chairperson is available, the reimbursement request may be approved and signed by an Executive Officer.
    3. Committees may not purchase any items after their LYPTSA event in anticipation of a future fiscal school year.
    4. Any donations received by a LYPTSA committee chairperson must be deposited into the LYPTSA bank account and be reimbursed through the proper process. MONEY COLLECTED FOR NON PTSA EVENTS SHALL NOT BE DEPOSITED INTO THE LYPTSA BANK ACCOUNT. (This includes, but not limited to, 2nd Grade Sleepover, 2nd Grade Quilts, Choir Money, Band/Orchestra Money etc…)
  19. Reimbursements for Teacher Classroom Grants should be submitted to the Treasurer directly. The request will then be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. If approved, a reimbursement check will be given directly to the Teacher.
  20. For ALL Grade Level Grants, Curriculum Enhancements, Programs/Assemblies and Specialty Grants (P.E., Music, Library and Behavioral) teachers should submit a request for desired items to the LY Office Manager with expected purchase documentation. It will be presented to the LYPTSA president for approval before the purchase is made by Lake Youngs Elementary. Once monies have been issued to the Office Manager from  the  LYPTSA President and/ or Treasurer a receipt statement will be signed by LYPTSA President and Principal and copies will be retained by both parties for record keeping. The expenditure is then between LY and the Teacher concerned.
  21. Committee Chairpersons are responsible for deposits made for their committee. Deposits must be submitted no later then three (3) school days of event. Deposits must be banked within five (5) school days of event. Cashier must be notified once deposit details have been recorded o. provided deposit detail log and placed in safe with approved deposit slip. In lieu of Cashier absence, a delegated executive committee member may carry out cashier duties.
  22. A committee of the newly elected and outgoing Executive Board shall meet after the end of the previous fiscal school year (after June 30th) to determine the preliminary annual operating budget for the upcoming fiscal school year. The proposed Annual Operating Budget shall be presented to and approved by the General Membership. The budget must be presented for a vote at the first General Membership Meeting of the new school year or within thirty (30) days of the first day of school.
  23. Standing rules for this unit shall be reviewed, and amended as needed, by the Executive Committee prior to May 31st and presented for review by the Board of Directors. Standing rules should then be presented and approved by the General Membership prior to end of the current fiscal year (June 30th). The standing rules may be amended with General Membership approval throughout the school year as needed.
  24. One or more Golden Acorn award, Outstanding Educator award and Outstanding Advocate award shall be presented annually to an outstanding LYPTSA member, staff member, teacher or volunteer. A committee, which should include at least one (1) winner from the previous year, shall be formed to solicit votes for these awards. The Board of Directors can determine how many recipients will be awarded or if all awards will be given for the current school year. In the event of no votes or a tie the Executive Committee will determine the recipient or if any award will be given for that school year.
  25. There shall be up to four (4) voting delegates designated by the Executive Committee to attend monthly general membership meetings of the Kent Area Council. Voting delegates to the council shall be the President(s), Vice President(s) and Secretary. Two (2) alternates shall be designated by the Executive Committee.
  26. Voting delegates and visitors to the annual Washington State PTA convention shall be determined by the Executive Committee with preference given to incoming President(s) and Vice President(s).
  27. The voting delegates to the legislation assembly shall be the legislative chair, unless otherwise designated by the Executive Committee.
  28. All Executive Committee members must complete “PTA and the Law” training during the current fiscal school year. It is recommended Executive Committee members attend at least one other PTA sponsored training. This training is in accordance with WSPTA by laws.
  29. Scholastic Book Fair dollars earned from school wide book fairs will be kept track of by the book fair committee chairperson(s). Spending of Scholastic Dollars will be determined by a committee consisting of Book Fair chairperson(s), LY library representative and a member of the LYPTSA Executive Board.