Lake Youngs PTSA Spring Auction

Our spring Auction site is live and ready for you to check it out. Go there to get your tickets to the auction, and see what items will be available. We have a VIP package available where you will get pictures with Seahawks players. Go check it out for all the details!

A message from Dr. Hutchison

Our principal, Dr Hutchison, shared a message about how important our PTSA is and we wanted to share it with all of you!


Not a lot of people know this but Lake Youngs PTSA is a volunteer organization and its success depend on the enthusiasm and efforts of all its members. Every parent is welcome and encouraged to volunteer in whatever way he or she feels most comfortable. Getting involved in the PTSA is a great way to get to know other parents, staff and school life in general. It’s the best way to “stay in touch” with what is going on and be able to have a voice for your child and school.

LYPTSA have over the last five years has provided and supported the following: –

School grants (Annex walls, New sound system, Projector), Grade level grants (Biz Town, Safeco, Salmon Hatchery, Olympia), Program and Assemblies (Pacific Science Centre, Taproot, Children’s theatre) and not forgetting the beloved 6th grade Camp Seymour.

Other programs that LYPTSA supports include: –

  • A district acknowledged Art Docent program led by a devoted team of Volunteers who share their passion with children and inspire them to be the next Michael Angelo’s of the 21st
  • A long established Bookfair program team that supports Lake Youngs Library and all Grade Level Teachers encouraging the love of reading.
  • A Grizzly reading program that has been established for over 25 years and is the proud recipient of Washington State Golden Applegate awards which encourages and supports the love of reading for all children and Teachers at Lake Youngs.
  • A beloved Science Fair program run by dedicated volunteers that encourages and captures budding scientists to explore the unknown and test the unthinkable.



LYPTSA purpose is to bridge the financial gap that unfortunately comes with today’s budget cut backs and provide memories that last a lifetime. We need your help in maintaining the amazing work all the volunteers do by fundraising to make these dreams come true, without fundraising and your support we cannot do everything we do to let every child their right to reach their true potential.

2018-19 Executive Board:
President: Ann-Marie Pennington
Vice President:- Stephanie Ness
Secretary :- Nicole Jean
Treasurer :- Sandy Keller
Cashier: – Tracy Prather

Lake Youngs Science Fair 2019

Welcome to the Lake Youngs PTSA Science Fair! This packet contains all of the information you will need to participate in the science fair including how to select a project, how to start your project, etc. It seems a bit long, but we have divided it into short sections to make it easy to read and use.

We are pleased to invite all parents and students K-6 (especially those who have not participated in a science fair) to attend at least one of our informal parent/student help sessions (see the dates listed below). These are workshops where we can review all of the rules with you, help you select a project and get started, and answer any questions (or problems) about your specific experiment. We are very pleased to announce that committee members and judges will be available throughout the science fair season to help with your project at any time – their contact information is listed and the end of this packet.

Important Dates

  • January 8 Kick-off assembly during school
  • January 9 Kick-off assembly during school
  • January 22 First student/parent help session in the library at 7:00
  • February 6 Second student/parent help session in the library at 7:00
  • February 26 Third student/parent help session in the library at 7:00
  • March 13 Turn in projects between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM
  • March 14 Students view projects with their class during school
  • March 15 Judging day during school
  • March 15 Parent/friend viewing between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM in the school gym


Check out this document for all the details